Where to put our attention?

Written at end of week 1

of Coronavirus 19 awareness 2020

Where to put our attention?

Last night I went to Trader Joe’s and, along with other shoppers, was surprised to see some of the aisles empty (milk and frozen section mostly).

I was tracking my mind’s response and how my fear conversation was loudly telling me to buy everything as though it would be my last chance to eat.

I chose to shift my attention and feel grateful for how lucky I am to be able to buy and eat these foods.

I looked up and started seeing people smiling and a customer joked with an employee about how they could finally clean the shelves. I appreciated their bringing lightness into the space.

I asked the cashiers how their days were and really listened. They’d been hearing people worrying all day long.

It is important to have time to let out emotions and doubts. Set time for that if that supports you. AND let’s not ooze out energy unconsciously all day: Gathering evidence for the worst all day wears us down. (Forms of Energy: money, time, physical vitality, creativity, enjoyment, and relationship.)

Instead– I chose connection and gratitude in Trader Joe’s.

What are you going to focus on instead?