Swiping Up: Elevate Your Vision to Attract The Romantic Partnership You Want

A 1 Week Guided Interactive Journey with Life & Relationship Coach, Alyssa Lynes

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To Elevate Your Vision to Attract The Romantic Partnership You Want

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What is this?

1 week/ Less than 30 minutes a day

2 short videos a day with Skills and Interactive Exercises guided by Life & Relationship Coach Alyssa Lynes


In this Journey, you’ll be inspired to go deep and clarify what’s most important to you in a romantic partnership. We’ll explore how to overcome worries and feelings of being stuck or tired of the searching game. We’ll use a variety of tools including writing, discussion, meditation, and simple movement to explore new possibilities. You’ll leave with a clear, practical and inspiring vision. You’ll be ready to radiate what you are looking for, take action, and soon meet someone who’s vision aligns with yours.

My Invitation Video

Why Join?

Swiping left and right means being stuck reacting to the rules set out in someone else’s relationship game. 
Attracting endless mismatches can be emotionally frustrating and exhausting.

What would it be like for you to create your own relationship adventure; one filled with joy, as you Journey to find your romantic partner? Let’s get crystal clear on what you truly want in your romantic partnership. Swiping up means crafting an elevated vision of what you want and then attracting the person who is ready to join you in that fulfilling life together.

(sneak peek into one metaphor we’ll explore on day 1)

Who is this for?

This is a Journey for people who are ready to overcome some of the following thoughts and are ready to explore new perspectives on love and life:

  • It’s embarrassing to ask friends and let people know I’m looking for romance and/or sex.
  • Romantic relationships should just magically happen with sparks flying and little effort.
  • It’s hard to find a partner in an increasingly digital world.
  • Dating apps = sleezeballs.
  • I should find 100% of what I need inside my relationship.
  • Writing a vision is boring, dry and businesslike .  Relationships should happen spontaneously.
  • I have to be a certain way to attract my partner.

How much time does it take?

15-25 minutes a day.  I suggest setting aside 30 minutes a day for 1 week.

How does it work?

 Click “Start the Journey”.

Follow the steps provided in your welcome email to subscribe for the 7 day subscription. 

You will then have access to all the videos for a subscription of 7 days.  

Each day watch the Reflection Video (Instructional) & watch and participate in the Practice Video (Interactive).

You spend 15 – 30 minutes a day for 1 week to complete the journey.


If you need extra time, you can use the promo code you will receive on day 6 to resubscribe for an additional 7 days for free. 


Send in your Completion Survey to receive a free Coaching session with Alyssa.

What’s Included?

Initial & Completion reflection surveys

Occasional supportive email reminders 

7 reflection (instructional) videos

7 interactive (practice) videos

7 day Vimeo subscription to access  all videos

Free promo code to access videos for an additional 7 days if needed

1 hour free Coaching Session with life coach Alyssa Lynes (a value of $125-175)


What do previous participants say?

Soon to be Retiree, Non-native English speaker, Tennis player, In a Same-Sex Long-Term Monogamous Relationship:
  • It helped me (made me feel confident that I’d been on the right track).   I hope it will to you, too.
  • You will love body movement and guided meditation part!
  • I called my partner right away instead of waiting for her to reach out to me.  I initiated more.
  • I realized I don’t have role models my age that are embodied and sexual.
  • I want to articulate desires more.
Single, CIS White Female, looking for partnership.  Cares deeply about embodiment and sharing a soul connected life:
  • I was desiring to begin dating and had a couple profiles up on dating apps, I also wanted to clarify my vision. I feel really clear on my vision of partnership now and feel I have much more to add to conversations on dates, to expedite the process and weed out any mismatches faster!
  • the key takeaway is that I’m actually really clear about what I’m looking for and I don’t need to waste time “experimenting”. I can stay true to [my vision] and trust I will find someone who shares my values and desires
  • I really appreciated the pace of this journey and the invitation to create a vision from having explored all the different areas which can contribute to an ideal relationship (for me). The length of the videos was just right as were the movement exercises and completion of a vision at the end. It was digestible and enjoyable and I didn’t have to think too hard.. which I appreciate!
  • This journey is short, effective, fun and embodied. Alyssa will guide you through the exploratory process in creating your vision, you don’t need to know what it is going into this, in fact, its better if you are open to exploring! She shared stories from her own life which are inspirational to creating your own unique relationship vision and offers easy, actionable steps at the end of the journey.
  • This journey is worth every penny if you have any doubts about exactly what you want in creating your relationship. The model Alyssa provides is fun and creative and left me with a deep clarity about what I want, what I’m not willing to compromise on and how I really want to create a life with a potential partner. There is no pressure to be any particular way and this journey’s short, creative format allowed me to quickly access my own vision (which I didn’t even know I had) and feel confident in sharing it with prospective partners
Polyamorous Male-bodied Kingster & Musician.  He loves his friends deeply and gets many needs met non-sexually.  He joined to find greater clarity and direction on what he wants and needs relationally & to intentionally create the partnerships that work for him. 
  • Even though there is an assumption of an anchor partnership in Swiping Up I think a person who is poly or non-monogamous can still feel seen and get something out of this program. There is a strong acknowledgement of polyamory or non-monogamy as an option.
  • The main take away I had was to be more discerning and choose based on wants and needs I have and to focus on what can be agreed to.
Artist Entrepreneur & Vibrational Activist, Engaged to be married, Sexually Monogamous, Partnered in Business, Love, & Co-Parenting in our Blended Family:
  • At the end of the journey, I feel more empowered, inspired, and clear about what can be next in my partnership.
  • Day 5 really got to the heart of me. I am committed to seeking more outside support so I can be more present and generous with my partner.
  •  With Swiping Up you are saying YES to expanding your heart capacity and calling in clarity! Whether you already have a partner or you are still looking, this course will empower you to show up for yourself in a way that you can be consciously proud of. I am walking away with tangible exercises, inspiring stories, and a game plan that brings me joy and the faith to find my way back there when I inevitably fall. Everybody say LOVE!
  • This is an opportunity to get to know yourself deeper. It is worth the investment to all the peoples who grace your life.

Most of us have started something and put it down half way.  How could you set yourself up for success this time?  


This video journey was created with this 7 day structure to support a consistent learning and accumulation of ideas 

that you pull all together on the final day to complete your unique and inspiring vision. 

Feel free to go at your own pace and also get the support you need to complete the journey with ease and satisfaction.  



Before you begin, ask yourself:  

Is there any extra support that I could put in place to complete this with ease? 

Is there a consistent time you will complete it each day?  Will you set an alarm reminder?

Will you tell your friend you are doing this to support accountability? 

Will you confirm childcare support or turn off other possible distractions?

Will you prepare you space to be supportive? –ie:  a yoga mat, a candle and a cup of tea ready at 9:00am?



What happens when I’ve finished?

When you finish the 7 days, send in your completion survey and you will receive a free coaching session. 

We will celebrate your vision and look together at what is next to put it all into action with all the support you wish for. 

*If you need more time you can resubscribe for free with the promo code for another 7 days video access.  This will be found in an email you receive on day 6. 

Who is the Coach?

Alyssa has always loved people.  She coaches big-dream creatives to take action & lovers to show up to their relationships in ways they are proud of.  She is a certified life coach from the Academy for Coaching Excellence.  Alyssa facilitates online groups around topics concerning money, family, love and sex and supports folks to show up in ways they are proud of.

Alyssa is a published author in the book Getting Along: Skills for Life-Long Love.  She co-directed Five Ways In, a documentary that follows five people through their unique transformational journeys in a dance festival. Alyssa is a traveler, dancer, and teacher (MSed) who is passionate about communication, intimacy and creative expression.

Her current partnership story:

Alyssa believes in possibility.  It was the start of a Pandemic. She was mourning the recent end of a previous partnership. She had traveled around the world and tried out many versions of relationships.  At this moment in time she was certain that the next partner must desire to become a parent soon.  She got back on the dating apps and received a text message.  Within the first 2 minutes of writing back and forth she had asked about parenting.  It didn’t seem like the right time AND it also seemed too aligned to let go so … They dated virtually for 6 weeks due to Pandemic community care decisions.  When they finally met they had talked already for around 150 hours and had their first date quarantined alone in a cabin in the woods with his dog for 3 weeks!  They are now expecting their first child and so grateful for the clarity they felt in their visions that enabled them to dive in regardless of all the outside circumstances.

Start the Journey

To Elevate Your Vision to Attract The Romantic Partnership You Want

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Diversity & Inclusivity

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