Dance & Movement Workshops

Interested in Movement Workshops for your dance community? 

Alyssa teaches a variety of Contact Improvisation classes, dance, and community visioning workshops. 

She is also available to create an individualized workshop in collaboration with the organizers’ visions.

Alyssa explains “Awareness, Engagement, and Resilience” to Contact Improv. Boston as the Artist in Residence, fall 2019.

A Contact Improvisation duet between Alyssa and Nelson Tétreault.

This is a Contact Improvisation duet that was developed and performed during Barcelona International Dance Exchange in April 2012.

It is an excerpt from a 13 minute dance piece facilitated by Alyssa Lynes during BIDE. It is performed by: Daniel Werner & Alyssa Lynes. Video was taken and edited by: Ulla Mäkinen.